Columbia University Celebrates and Honors Madame C.S. Wu

September 24, 2022

A celebration will be held on September 24 to honor Madame C.S. Wu, a trailblazer in physics who worked on the Manhattan Project, taught at Columbia University, and made significant contributions to the fields of nuclear and particle physics.

Columbia University Physics Professor, Elena Aprile, and Executive Vice President for Research at Columbia University, Jeannette Wing, will deliver remarks in honor of Madame C.S. Wu. 

Professor Aprile will also be the inaugural lecturer for the recently established C. S. Wu Colloquium of the physics department.

Professor Aprile on her colleague: 

“I still remember fondly the many times [Madame Wu] would stop by my office in Pupin Laboratory. To this day, she remains my strongest and most valued role model.”