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A Columbia University undergraduate in Physics has been awarded the Churchill Fellowship, with provide funding and support for outstanding students pursuing one-year of graduate study in science, mathematics or engineering at the University of Cambridge. Administered by the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States, the award is designed to  recognize students with the demonstrated capacity to advance the evolution of these fields of study. 

A Profile by Shimon Sarkar

Columbia University Department Physics is excited to introduce our new Lecturer in Discipline Eric Raymer! Eric’s role will focus on various aspects of introductory physics teaching and will contribute to the culture and continuous evolution of the Undergraduate Physics Program.



The recent edition of Nature (volume 613) included a breakthrough discovery by Columbia Grad student Apoorv Jindal (first author), Professors Cory Dean, Abhay Pasupathy, and collaborators.

Learn more about this outstanding detection, explored in the article “Coupled ferroelectricity and superconductivity in bilayer Td-MoTe2”, in an in-depth overview by the Columbia Quantum Initiative.