Annual Schwinger Colloquium


The Julian Schwinger Lectureship brings thought leaders in physics to Columbia present broad views of the most exciting developments in modern physics.

The lectureship commemorates the scientific legacy of Columbia Alumnus Julian Schwinger (BA 1936, PhD 1939), whose scientific work fundamentally advanced theoretical physics and and its applications to fields ranging from high energy particle physics to condensed matter physics and electrical engineering and whose ideas profoundly influence physics as it is practiced today, and was instituted in honor of a generous gift from the Julian Schwinger Foundation. 

Annual Julian Schwinger Lecture

Columbia Physics is honored to host Dr. Frank Wilczek as the 2024 Inaugural Schwinger Lecturer. 

Date: April 15, 2024

Location: The World Room, Columbia Journalism School

Time: 4:00pm

"Symmetries of Time"

The study of time’s symmetries and how they are realized in Nature continues to inspire fruitful research. I will give a guided tour of current frontiers in time reversal and time translation symmetry, including ideas around axions, time crystals, and emergent time.