Columbia Physics presents the 2023 Allan M. Sachs Teaching Award Recipients!

June 01, 2023

The Allan M. Sachs Teaching Award is presented annually to one or more physics graduate students who have made outstanding contributions to the Department’s instructional programs. This year's nominees have been exceptional members of our academic community and have played an integral role in the continuous development of our world-class teaching program!

Christina McBean is recognized for her devotion to teaching, and leadership of her fellow graduate student TAs, in particular during her time as a departmental preceptor.

John Staunton is recognized for his devotion to teaching, and leadership of his fellow graduate student TAs, in particular during his time as a departmental preceptor.  He is also recognized for his extensive work developing resources and leading the recitation TAs for the Department's PHYS1400 sequence, designing and launching the Physics Scholars Program, and helping to continue Snack & Solve.

Emily Tiberi is recognized for her extraordinary contributions to the Department's teaching mission throughout her time as a graduate student.  She helped the Department transition to remote instruction in the middle of the spring 2020 semester, and continued that work with a complete transformation of the introductory General Physics labs to become simulation-based the following summer.  In addition, she is recognized for her work as lead instructor for the PHYS1494 lab course over several semesters, during which she implemented notable innovations for the course, and for her leadership and mentoring of TAs.