Past Event

High Energy Particle Seminar: Nicholas Kamp

September 14, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Pupin Hall, Room 705

This talk will discuss recent experimental and phenomenological developments regarding the long-standing MiniBooNE low-energy excess of electron neutrino candidate events. I will first present MicroBooNE's initial results probing the nature of the MiniBooNE excess, with a particular focus on the exclusive search for CCQE-like electron neutrino interactions containing one electron and one proton in the final state (1e1p). I will discuss the viability of the single sterile neutrino explanation of the MiniBooNE excess in light of MicroBooNE's initial results. Next, I will introduce an extension of the single sterile neutrino model, in which one includes an MeV-scale heavy neutral lepton with a transition magnetic moment to active neutrinos, as a potential solution to the MiniBooNE anomaly. The model's viability will be covered in light of recently-derived constraints using MINERvA elastic scattering data. Finally, I will introduce the Coherent CAPTAIN-Mills (CCM) experiment, which is currently taking data at Los Alamos National Laboratory. CCM has unique sensitivity to a number of exotic dark sector models, including (pseudo)scalar-portal dark matter, vector-portal dark matter and axion-like particles, some of which may be able to explain the MiniBooNE anomaly.