Student Groups

Columbia Physics benefits from and enjoys a vibrant student community. Students lead and run several groups, contributing to an intellectual, collegial, and lively atmosphere in the Department.  In addition to the many departmental seminars and events, student group sponsored seminars and events provide additional opportunities for further participation and engagement in a range of social, educational, and career-advancing activities.

Women in Science at Columbia (WISC)

Women in Science at Columbia (WISC) is an organization dedicated to the outreach, support, and advancement of women, underrepresented minorities, and their advocates in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical graduate fields at Columbia University.

Physics Graduate Council

The Physics Graduate Council is a group of roughly 6-8 graduate students who work with the physics department faculty to make changes within the department and organize various events.

I.I. Rabi Scholars Program

In memory of 1944 Nobel Laureate, Columbia faculty physicist, and alumnus Prof. I.I. Rabi, incoming first-year students who demonstrate exceptional promise in the sciences are awarded RABI fellowships for their four years at Columbia University.