2024 Rising Stars in Physics Workshop

The Department of Physics at Columbia University and the Simons Foundation Flatiron Institute are excited to host the Rising Stars in Physics Workshop, which will address issues relevant to women looking to successfully transition to their first faculty position. We invite top early career scientists in physics and astronomy who are interested in careers in academia to apply. These workshop discussions address all women, including trans and cis women, and scientists for whom womanhood forms part of a more complex gender identity.

This workshop will bring the next generation of physics academic leaders together for two days of scientific discussions and informal sessions aimed at navigating the early stages of the academic career. In addition to research presentations, we will hold panel discussions with Columbia University and Flatiron Institute faculty on issues relevant to academic careers, have opportunities for informal networking with faculty members, and set aside time for the participants to get to know each other and form connections that will hopefully persist through time.

The Rising Stars in Physics Workshops is made possible with the support of the Heising-Simons Foundation.


  • Kerstin Perez (Columbia U., Workshop Chair)
  • Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT, Workshop Co-chair)
  • Andrew Millis (Flatiron CCQ)
  • Sonya Hanson (Flatiron CCB)
  • Chris Hayward (Flatiron CCA)

Message from the Columbia University Physics Department Chair

Columbia Physics and our partners at Flatiron Institute are excited to host the 2024 Rising Stars in Physics Workshop this September. In line with past workshops, during these two days in New York, all participants will be surrounded by creativity, drive and talent.  The workshop will facilitate conversations that are lively and intense and will help to build connections with peers, mentors and future colleagues that are impactful and lasting. We feel privileged to aid this outstanding group of young scholars as they navigate through opportunities and choices of their academic careers. Enjoy!

Dmitri Basov                                                                                                                      Higgins Professor & Chair of Physics                                                                  Director, Energy Frontiers Research Center                                                                Columbia University