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Pro QM Seminar: "Perpendicular Coherence-Length; measurements and implications" with Amit Keren

June 6, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Theory Center, Pupin Hall 8th Floor

"Perpendicular Coherence-Length; measurements and implications"

A new transport method of measuring superconducting coherence length x and penetration depth l will be presented. The method is based on the London equation J=-rsA. where J is the current density and A is the vector potential. Using rotor free A and measuring J via the magnetic moment of superconducting rings, we extract the superconductor parameters. This method is particularly useful for perpendicular coherence length xc in layered superconductors. The method requires dedicated theoretical development. The theory will be tested in simple cases, and the method will be applied to a cuprate superconductor where xc is thought to be on atomic scale. The implication of our finding will be discussed.