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Physics Colloquia: "Superconductivity: there's plenty of cream at the bottom" with Dr. Peter Hirschfeld

November 20, 2023
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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Center for Theoretical Physics (Pupin Hall 8th Floor)

"Superconductivity: there's plenty of cream at the bottom"

In 1961, Brian Pippard gave a speech at IBM called "The Cat and the Cream", in which he declared that the superconductivity field was finished, at least for "young innocents who wish to break new ground": the cream was gone, and the bowl was empty.I show why the subsequent 6 decades proved him so dramatically wrong, how new materials and experimental techniques have continuously driven new theoretical understandings, such that the field has been constantly renewed, and is in fact a very good place for young researchers to make a career.