Past Event

Nano-Optics Seminar - Nanfang Yu

October 11, 2019
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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11M Northwest Corner

Professor Nanfang Yu

Department of Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics


"Flat Optics"


In this talk, I will describe our demonstration of miniature visible silicon nitride pure phase modulators based on micro-resonators. These devices offer a one-order-of-magnitude reduction in device footprint and power consumption compared to waveguide-based phase shifters. I will also describe the effort of my research lab in investigating structural dispersion engineering of meta-atoms and creating passive metasurface-based flat optical devices using the meta-atoms. These include broadband achromatic flat lenses for full-color imaging and phase-amplitude metasurface holograms for creating defect-free holographic objects.

Details on Nanfang's research can be found here.