Past Event

Mark Palmer - Brookhaven National Laboratory

February 17, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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"The Status of Muon Accelerator R&D for Future High Energy Colliders"

Muon accelerators offer unique potential for high energy physics applications. Muon storage rings can provide intense, pure, and precisely measured neutrino beams for neutrino oscillation studies. Muon beams offer a potential route to an energy frontier collider operating in the multi-TeV range with excellent luminosity performance. The ability to accelerate muons with multi-pass acceleration systems offers significant benefits for the energy efficiency of a collider utilizing these beams. There is re-kindled interest in continued R&D on these machines as the international particle physics community evaluates its strategic options.  Furthermore, new studies of the potential physics performance of a detector operating at such a collider appear very promising.  An overview of the status of key feasibility issues for such a collider, based on a proton-driver source, is presented.