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HEP Seminar: "Neutrinos: Ghosts, Anomalies and Portals to the Dark Sector" with Mark Ross-Lonergan

February 6, 2024
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Theory Center

"Neutrinos: Ghosts, Anomalies and Portals to the Dark Sector"

Neutrinos, so called ghost particles due to their elusive nature, have consistently presented a fascinating yet perplexing narrative in particle physics. Their history is rich with anomalies and unexpected observations, often resulting in significant discoveries. The culmination of these experiments has led to the establishment of the "three-neutrino paradigm", which has been remarkably successful in unifying a vast array of observed data around the world. The international mega-science experiment DUNE is set to build on this, probing with incredible precision the remaining questions of the three-neutrino paradigm. However, this path has not been without its obstacles. Several persistent anomalies remain and hint at the intriguing possibility we may be on the cusp of another groundbreaking discovery. This talk will delve into the exploration of these anomalies, and how using Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber technology the MicroBooNE experiment has begun to reshape our interpretations with its first set of results. I will also explore the rapidly growing interest in the potential of the neutrino sector to serve as a portal to the `Dark Sector’. Here exotic particles and interactions give an exciting new direction to all future short-baseline experiments, and I will report on MicroBooNE’s first targeted Dark Sector anomaly search.