Past Event

Guillermo Ballesteros - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

September 9, 2019
2:10 PM
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Pupin Hall Theory Center (8th Floor)

Primordial black hole dark matter from single field inflation

I will discuss the idea that black holes may constitute la large fraction of the Universe’s dark matter, focusing mostly on their formation from large primordial fluctuations generated during inflation. 

I will summarize the ups and downs of this mechanism and comment on potential ideas that may help to alleviate its main shortcoming.

Guillermo obtained his PhD in Physics at U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) and held postdoctoral positions in Italy (U. di Padova), Switzerlad (U. de Genève) and Germany (U. Heidelberg). As a theoretical cosmologist, Guillermo is interested in the dynamics of the universe as a whole, its origin and evolution. He also works on specific open questions in the realm of the  microcosm of particle physics, which are intimately connected to the vast scales of the universe. 

More details on Guillermo's research can be found here.