Past Event

The Annual C.S Wu Colloquium: "Electronic Transport in Strain-Engineered Graphene" with Nadya Mason

January 29, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Davis Auditorium- 530 West 120th St.

"Electronic Transport in Strain-Engineered Graphene"

There is wide interest in using strain-engineering to modify the physical properties of 2D materials, for
both basic science and applications. Deformations of graphene, for example, can lead to the opening of
band gaps, as well as the generation of pseudo-magnetic fields and novel electronic states. We
demonstrate how controllable, device-compatible strain patterns in graphene can be engineered by
depositing graphene on corrugated substrates. In particular, we show that a nearly periodic array of
underlying nanospheres creates a strain superlattice in graphene, which exhibits mini-band conductance
dips and pseudomagnetic field effects that depend on the magnitude of induced strain. The
pseudomagnetic fields are evident both locally and globally, and are consistent with significant
flattening of the electronic bands. Control of the strain degree of freedom thus provides a novel
platform both for fundamental studies of 2D electron correlations and for prospective applications in 2D
electronic devices.