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AMO Seminar: " Dipolar quantum phases emerging in a Hubbard quantum simulator" with Lun Su

February 16, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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" Dipolar quantum phases emerging in a Hubbard quantum simulator" 

Long-range interactions play an important role in nature; however, quantum simulations of lattice systems have largely not been able to realize such interactions. A wide range of efforts are underway to explore long-range interacting lattice systems using AMO and condensed matter platforms. We achieve novel quantum phases in a strongly correlated lattice system with long-range dipolar interactions using ultracold magnetic erbium atoms. As we tune the dipolar interaction to be the dominant energy scale in our system, we observe quantum phase transitions from a superfluid into dipolar quantum solids, which we directly detect using site-resolved quantum gas microscopy. Furthermore, we study quantum phase transitions in the context of $Z_2$ lattice gauge theory by mapping the hard-core Bose-Hubbard model to the mixed-dimensional spin model. In addition, I will report our on-going work in soft core boson simulation, including preliminary results on coupled chains of 1D Haldane Insulator phases. In addition to being an excellent platform for Hubbard physics, our experiment is also a fantastic platform for spin physics. I will briefly report our on-going work in spin squeezing, where we achieved 7dB metrologically useful squeezing with roughly 200 atoms in an optical lattice. Our work demonstrates that novel strongly correlated quantum phases can be studied using dipolar interaction in optical lattices, opening the door to quantum simulations of a wide range of lattice models with long-range and anisotropic interactions.