Yuri Levin

Yuri Levin

Research Interest

Yuri Levin got his Ph.D. at Caltech, working on the theory of Thermal and Quantum Noise in LIGO interferometers, and on r-mode oscillations of neutron stars. His scientific style was influenced by his two very different Ph.D. advisors, Kip Thorne and Vladmir Braginsky, and also by the free-wheeling, open discussions with Peter Goldreich, Sterl Phinney, and others.

After leaving Caltech, Levin traveled the world, with postdoc and faculty gigs in Berkeley, Toronto, Leiden, and Melbourne, before coming to Columbia in 2017.

Yuri works on a variety of topics in theoretical astrophysics. His current interests include: 1. Stellar and gas dynamics of galactic nuclei. 2. Motion of superfluid vortices inside neutron stars, and their connection to pulsar glitches. 3. Magneto-dynamics of neutron star quakes and oscillations. 4. Gravitational waves from cosmic strings and other topological defects.

Yuri is always interested in learning from his colleagues. Please stop by and tell him something interesting.



My daughter is studying in Scotland and my son lives in Australia.

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