Yasutomo J. Uemura

Yasutomo J. Uemura

Yasutomo J. Uemura is a Professor of Physics at the Physics Department of Columbia University in New York, USA. He received B.Sc., M.Sc. and D.Sc. (1982) from the Physics Department of Tokyo University, with a D.Sc. thesis work on Muon Spin Relaxation (MuSR) studies of dilute alloy spin glasses CuMn and AuFe. He then received the JSPS Sepecial Oversea Fellowship and stayed at Brookhaven National Laboratory, working on neutron scattering experiments with G. Shirane, R.J. Birgeneau and others.

In 1988, Uemura joined the Physics Department of Columbia University as an Associate Professor, tenured in 1991, and promoted to a Professor in 1994. He is a recipient of the APS Fellowship in 1999, the Yamazaki Prize from the International Society for MuSR Spectroscopy in 2005, and the Fibonacci Prize from the RICMASS (Rome) in 2017.

Uemura is known for demonstrating a nearly linear relationship between the superconducting Tc
and the superfluid density in high-Tc cuprate and initiated an energy scale phenomenology for
unconventional superconductors with a plot of Tc versus the effective Fermi temperature TF, which is commonly referred to as “Uemura plot”. He also worked on superconductivity and magnetism of cuprate, A3C60, organic BEDT and TMTSF, FeAs, heavy fermion and(Sr,Ca)2RuO4 superconductors and on magnetism of spin glasses, geometrically frustrated spin systems, low dimensional spin systems, Mott transition systems, itinerant-electron magnets and magnetic percolation networks using MuSR and neutron scattering methods. Uemura initiated an international online graduate lecture series “Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics” (FCMP) in 2011 and organized 5 FCMP Workshops, providing over 300 lectures of leading CMP scientists to over 1000 graduate students from Columbia and other major universities in the US, Japan, Canada, China, France, Italy and Germany.

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