Physics Graduate Council

The Physics Graduate Council is a group of roughly 6-8 graduate students who work with the physics department faculty to make changes within the department and organize various events.

Email address: [email protected]

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Current members of the PGC

Ani Patel
President- Anirudh Patel

The President is responsible for leading the planning and operations of the Physics Graduate Council. 


Samuel Goldstein
Social Chair - Sam Goldstein

The social chair is responsible for planning and hosting events both in person (when it is safe) and online to bring the graduate community together. 


Columbia Crown
Climate and Diversity Liaisons - Adithya Gungi

The Climate and Diversity Liaison is responsible for taking care of issues and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, so we can make sure everyone in the department feels welcome. No concern is too big or too small.


Tuan Nguyen
Union Liaison - Tuan Nguyen

The Union Liaison is responsible for attending Union meetings and events and keeping us posted on recent developments.


Eric Sierra Garzo
International Student Liaison - Eric Sierra Garzo

The International Student Liaison is responsible for addressing immigration/new environment/general life concerns from current and incoming international students, and especially for making sure new international students have a smooth transition to Columbia and the US in general.