Colloquia, Seminars, and Lecture Series

Science on Hudson is a public lecture series covering various topics within the field of physics. Everyone is welcome. These talks are intended for a general audience. Lectures last approximately 60 minutes with time afterwards for questions/answers and discussions.

For more information, please visit the Science on Hudson homepage.

Colloquia on various topics in the field of physics are given throughout the year. These colloquia are open to all who would like to attend.

Information about upcoming colloquia can be found here.

Columbia is a central hub for ground-breaking condensed matter/atomic, molecular, and optical physics research. As such, researchers in the field from all over the world come to Columbia to share and discuss their research.

Information about upcoming CM/AMO seminars can be found here.

This Graduate Student Seminar Series is tailored to introduce first-year graduate students to ongoing research in the Physics Department and related departments.

The Columbia Physics Graduate Student Seminars take place every Friday from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters unless otherwise announced.

Information about this seminar series can be found here.

Researchers at Columbia are involved with high energy particle physics research in collaborations all over the world. Often, fellow researchers or collaborators will come to Columbia to share their research in seminars.

Information about upcoming HEP seminars can be found here.

Many breakthroughs in theoretical physics have been born here at Columbia. Theorists from all over the world come to Columbia to share and discuss their current research.

Information about upcoming theory seminars can be found here.

The Columbia Physics Community Round Table (CRT) provides an open forum for discussions around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These talks place an emphasis on providing engaging open-ended conversations that are intended to build a stronger department culture. In the end, this program seeks to amplify marginalized voices by both creating spaces for them to be heard and by developing a community that is more receptive to diverse perspectives.

The main site for the CRT can be found here and information about upcoming events can be found here.