Course Requirements- M.Phil. Degree in Physics (Prerequisite to the PhD)

This degree is a prerequisite for the Ph.D. degree and will be conferred upon certification by the department.

Typical length of program:  Three years, including the time spent for the

Languages:  None

Residence Units:  Six full-time, including the two earned for the M.A. degree.

Points of credit:  30 earned for the M.A. degree; none if the student  has been awarded two Residence Units of advanced standing.

Required courses:  See the list of required courses below need for the MPhil portion of your PhD.

**A B- or better grade is required for each of the core courses (Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics I, Quantum Mechanics II, Statistical Mechanics).

With special permission from the student's Ph.D. advisor and DGS, the student may if justified substitute *one* of the two field-specific courses with a 6000-level course outside this list from Physics or another department, by filling out this substitution form and submitting it to [email protected].